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Libro Fundamentos de Bioquímica - Fundamentals of Biochemistry: a Textbook by: Gajera, H. P. Patel, S. V. Golakiya, B. A

Fundamentals of Biochemistry: a Textbook  - Libro Fundamentos de Bioquímica
by: Gajera, H. P. Patel, S. V. Golakiya, B. A.
ISBN:   8181891651 ISBN-13:   9788181891655 Publisher:   International Book Distributing Co. Binding:   Paperback Pub. Year:   2008
557 Pages
Biochemistry is a gateway of all the branches of life science. It's a field of enormous
interest and utility. Biochemistry is a study of the molecule of life. Our
understanding of the molecular nature of life is growing at an incredible rate. It
is difficult to embody all the information related to this subject in a single collection.
If at all it has been done than the user will be discouraged by its volume. It is than
even more tough task to encapsulate huge bulk of literature in a small handy
book. This effort is done by our team in the Department of Biochemistry, Junagadh
Agricultural University, Junagadh, Gujarat, India.
The tools of biochemistry have been used to explain biological processes such as
origin of life, cell development, cell differentiation, metapolisms, energy dynamics,
origin and cause of diseases and even human behaviors. The principles of
biochemistry are now reaching into chemistry, the health sciences, nutrition,
agriculture, physiology, immunology, neurology, cell biology, biotechnology,
nanotechnology, ecology, computer science and psychology. Not only the
biochemistry expanding; other disciplines are using the tools of biochemistry to
solve their unique problem. Thus biochemistry is seated at the core of other
branches of science.
This particular branch is engaged in understanding the nature and properties of
the life throbbing around us. It is at the threshold where non living biomolecules
through some intricate forces starts dancing while getting alive; and we call it a
living being. This science has yet to fill up a knowledge gap about secret of life
This text book is a distillation of the years of experiences of our faculty members
affiliated with teaching and research. Hopefully a complete grasp of the principle
of biochemistry can be obtained by simply reading this book. This collection
need of a large segment of people who have a scientific bend.
Date: 20/06/2007
Place: Junagadh
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