martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

The Chaperonins (Cell Biology)

The Chaperonins (Cell Biology) by Robert L. Ellis
Publisher: Academic Press (March 22, 1996) | ISBN: 012237455X | Pages: 323 | PDF | 19.05 MB
The first of its kind, this volume presents the latest research findings on the chaperonins, the best studied family of a class of proteins known as molecular chaperones. These findings are changing our view of some fundamental cellular processes involving proteins, especially how proteins fold into their functional conformations.
Key Features
* Origins of the new view of protein folding
* Prokaryotic chaperonins
* Eukaryotic chaperonins
* Evolution of the chaperonins
* Refolding of denatured proteins
* Organelle biosynthesis
* Biomedical aspects

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