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Assay Development: Fundamentals and Practices - Desarrollo de un Ensayo: Fundamentos y Prácticas

Ge Wu, "Assay Development: Fundamentals and Practices" - Desarrollo de un Ensayo: Fundamentos y Prácticas
Wiley | 2010 | ISBN: 0470191155, 0470583118 | 429 pages | PDF | 5,2 MB
Essential principles and practice of assay development
The first comprehensive, integrated treatment of the subject, Assay Development: Fundamentals and Practices covers the essentials and techniques involved in carrying out an assay project in either a biotechnology/drug discovery setting or a platform setting.
Rather than attempting comprehensive coverage of all assay development technologies, the book introduces the most widely used assay development technologies and illustrates the art of assay development through a few commonly encountered biological targets in assay development (e.g., proteases, kinases, ion channels, and G protein-coupled receptors). Just enough biological background for these biological targets is provided so that the reader can follow the logics of assay development. Chapters discuss:

•The basics of assay development, including foundational concepts and applications
•Commonly used instrumental methods for both biochemical assays and cell-based assays
•Assay strategies for protein binding and enzymatic activity
•Cell-based assays
•High-throughput screening
An in-depth study of the now popular Caliper's off-chip kinase assay provides an instructive, real-world example of the assay development process.

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