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Comprehensive Cytopathology, 3rd Edition

Comprehensive Cytopathology, 3rd Edition
Publisher:Saunders | Pages:1136 | 2008-09-18 | ISBN:1416042083 | PDF | 195 MB
This best-selling book provides you with a comprehensive guide to the diagnostic applications of exfoliative and aspiration cytology. The book takes a systemic approach and covers the recognized normal and abnormal cytological findings encountered in a particular organ. Appropriate histopathological correlations and a consideration of the possible differential diagnosis accompany the cytological findings. The book is lavishly illustrated, making it the perfect practical resource for daily reference in the laboratory.
* Provides an accessible guide to diagnostic investigation and screening.
* Includes a summary of major diagnostic criteria and discusses the pitfalls and limitations of cytology.
* Utilizes a consistent chapter structure to make finding the answers you need quick and easy.
* Provides updates to crucial chapters to keep you on top of the latest diagnosis and techniques.
* Access the full text online and download images from Expert Consult for use in electronic presentations.
* Incorporates differential diagnosis tables for easy comparison/contrast of diagnoses.
* Offers more than 1800 full-color images depicting a full range of normal and abnormal findings.
* Discusses new concepts on molecular basis of neoplasia.
* Explores the role of cytogenetics in cancer development.

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