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Latin American Insects and Entomology by Charles L. Hogue - Insectos Latinoamericanos y Entomología

Charles L. Hogue, "Latin American Insects and Entomology -
"Insectos Latinoamericanos y Entomología"
University of California Press | 1993 | ISBN: 0520078497 | 594 pages | PDF | 10,9 MB
This is the first comprehensive guide to insect life in a part of the world known for its abundant, and endangered, life forms. Charles Hogues scholarship embraces vast geographical territoryMexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Color photographs and first-rate drawings illustrate the clearly written text.
I was first recommended this book nearly ten years ago when working on a Venezuela field course for the University of California, Pomona. I had never heard of it, but one of the entomology professors assured me that it was the best available resource on Neotropical entomology - she was right! Given the dearth of identification materials on Latin American insects, this tome steps in to fill the breach as well as any single volume can. It is a useful introduction to the natural history of tropical insects and can also be used as a rough field guide allowing one to identify most insects to order, often to family and sometimes even to genus and species. In the absence of other books, this is the volume that students and amateurs should choose. The price is certainly a deterrent, but it's often available used. I have been using my well-tuhumbed copy in and out of the field for quite a few years so it has earned its keep!
Summary: It's a good book.
Very complete book. Describes most groups, and the arthropods you are most likely to find. Not too technical, great for explaining to people what they are looking at. The 2 problems I can see with it, are the cost (although I do not mind paying for quality in the least, which is why I bought it and highly recommend it) and that being a general guide it sometimes does not go into as much depth as I would like. Still, I rate it as an awesome book!
Summary: a unique book on Latin American insects
This book by the late Dr. Hogue fills a needy slot in Latin American natural history by combining scientific detail with a simple, clear presentation of Latin America's many insect groups. Each group is discussed in turn with summries of taxonomy, diversity and natural history. Basic but useful black and white illustrations give one a "feel" for each of these group. While this is no field guide to identification, it is an excellent overview of information that is otherwise scattered through the literature. We use it at our field site in South America and the only complaint is that there is no Spanish translation! (¡La única queja es que No hay una traducción al castellano y al portugués!)

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