domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

Viral Membrane Proteins Structure, Function, and Drug Design - Proteínas de Membrana codificadas por Virus: Estructura, Función y Diseño de Drogas Blanco

Title: Viral Membrane Proteins:Structure, Function, and Drug Design

Proteínas que se observan en las membranas de los virus: Estructura, Función y Diseño de Drogas (lo que les otorgará especificidad para blanco o diana "target".)
Springer| ISBN 0306484951 | 2005-05-23 | PDF | 292 pages |4.56 MB

In Viral Membrane Proteins: Structure, Function, and Drug Design, Wolfgang Fischer summarizes the current structural and functional knowledge of membrane proteins encoded by viruses. In addition, contributors to the book address questions about proteins as potential drug targets. The range of information covered includes signal proteins, ion channels, and fusion proteins.
This book has a place in the libraries of researchers and scientists in a wide array of fields, including protein chemistry, molecular biophysics, pharmaceutical science and research, biotechnology, molecular biology, and biochemistry