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Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease 6ª Ed - Bases Patológicas de la Enfermedad 6º Ed.

Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease
Bases Patológicas de la Enfermedad Robbins 6ª edición
Publisher: W.B. Saunders Company | ISBN: 072167335X | edition 1999 | PDB | 414 pages | 4 MB (need Isilo program)
It is hard to imagine a pathologist, whether a trainee or consultant, who would not benefit from reading or at least referring to this book. Most older pathologists will possess earlier editions as Robbins has been a standard text for many years. This seventh edition represents the evolution of the best single volume textbook on general pathology and the editors are to be congratulated in having resisted the temptation to overturn the book's familiar order in the name of innovation. Instead, they have sympathetically expanded the text, which now includes a phenomenal amount of information. A particularly welcome development is the chapter on ocular pathology for the generalist and the reorganisation of the chapter on infectious diseases taxonomically. The book has a very broard appeal: it could be read with profit by consultant pathologists, but is still suitable as an undergraduate text for medical students, as it starts from first principles and extends to the limits of knowledge. Robbins will remain the book of choice for diligent students, who will be inspired by the thorough scientific grounding in pathology that it provides. UK universities that believe this factual knowledge to be redundant should consider the popularity of Robbins in the US, and with practicing diagnostic pathologists in the UK, and think again.
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