Springer | 2004-11-19 | ISBN: 038723277X | 235 pages | PDF | 4.2 MB
This book provides insights into the research and programs currently related to schistosomiasis, and uses these insights to project into future years of work on schistosomiasis, from research to public health interventions. A secondary goal is to initiate conversations among those working on schistosomiasis about the future of their field, and by doing so lead to constructive efforts to identify and address the most critical questions and challenges related to schistosomiasis. The first 4 chapters address schistosome phylogenetics, gene expression, and the overall genome. The next 3 chapters explore the host-schistosome interaction at the larval to adult worm interface. The following 3 chapters explore the development of the host immune response to eggs, granuloma formation and factors affecting the development and regulation of immunopathology. The next 4 chapters address public health concerns, and concludes with a chapter addressing the schisms that sometimes exist between basic research to implementation of control schemes.