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Hematopathology: Expert Consult - Enlace actualizado (16/05/2012)

Elaine Sarkin Jaffe, "Hematopathology: Expert Consult" - Hematopatología
Publisher: Saunders; 1 Har/Psc edition | ISBN: 0721600409 | 2010 | PDF | 1067 pages | 511 MB
Introducing HEMATOPATHOLOGY, a definitive new diagnostic reference on diseases of the hematopoietic system by Dr. Elaine S. Jaffe and her fellow editors, all collaborators on the World Health Organization's classification of lymphoid and myeloid disorders. These experts provide you with today's most effective guidance in evaluating specimens from the lymph nodes, bone marrow, peripheral blood, and more, equipping you to deliver more accurate and actionable pathology reports. More than 1,100 high-quality color images mirror the findings you encounter in practice, and full-text online access lets you search the contents rapidly and download any illustration.
Overcome the toughest diagnostic challenges with authoritative guidance from the world's leading experts.
Make optimal use of the newest diagnostic techniques, including molecular, immunohistochemical, and genetic studies.
Compare specimens to more than 1,100 high-quality color images to confirm or challenge your diagnostic interpretations.
Search the full contents online and download any of the images at
Give your clinicians the best guidance with this comprehensive reference in hematopathology.
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Anónimo dijo...

Lástima !! hace tiempo que andaba buscando este libro pero lo han quitado del servidor.
Si pudieras volver a colgarlo te lo agradezco.

Voroshilov dijo...

enlace resubido, versión optimada con ocr