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El Laboratorio Clínico en Medicina - McClatchey Clinical Laboratory Medicine (Second Edition, 2002) Links actualizados

McClatchey Clinical Laboratory Medicine (Second Edition, 2002)
By Kenneth D McClatchey
Loyola Univ., Maywood, IL. Textbook and reference for students, residents, and practitioners. Includes new technologies developed since the previous edition, c1994, was published. Illustrated in halftone with color plates at the beginning of each section. DNLM: Laboratory Techniques and Procedures.

Summary: excellent book
Rating: 5
This is a wonderful resource and an excellent reference text for the practitioner at any level. It is a well written and an exhaustive book.
Summary: A must for writing the ASCP BB and SBB exams
Rating: 5
The AABB publication Clinical Laboratory Medicine contrives a set of multiple choice questions for each topic in Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine. Not only will the questions test your knowledge and problem solving skills, the key provides a comprehensive review of all of the choices given for a specific question. You will find your weak points and be reassured by your strengths when answering the questions. This review is well worth the expense.
En resumen y sin redundancias EXCELENTE LIBRO DE QUÍMICA CLÍNICA o de "Laboratorio Clínico" aplicado en un sistema de salud (Medicina). Comparable al Kaplan - Pesce, Henry o al Tietz entre otros.
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